June 9, 2015 - 5:30 PM


Board Members Present:                                                   Staff and Others Present:

Barbara Gaulien                                                                   Jeff Burton, CRA Director

Roberto Gonzalez                                                                                Antoinette Kilgore, Administrative Assistant

MacArthur Sellars                                                                                Scott Rudacille, Assistant City Attorney

                                                                                                                Robert Marble, CRA Staff

                                                                                                                Jon Moore – Moore II Design



  The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by MacArthur Sellars. A moment of silence was observed, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


1.          CRA Advisory Board agenda approval.

 Action:        Barbara Gaulien moved to approve the June 9, 2015 agenda, with removal of two items from the agenda.

                                Second by Roberto Gonzalez.

   Vote:          Motion carried by unanimous vote.


2.          Approval of May 12, 2015 minutes.                                                                                                     

 Action:        Barbara Gaulien moved to approve the May 12, 2015 minutes.

                                Second by Roberto Gonzalez.

 Vote:            Motion carried by unanimous vote.



3.          Seahorse Project 

Jon Moore presented an overview of the conceptual plan for the “Seahorse” project that will replace the existing restroom next to the boat ramp, in addition to providing space for leasing to the private sector for a possible bait shop and/or small restaurant facility. The structure will also have an elevated deck for dining, as well as a seahorse sculpture that is reminiscent of the “Seahorse” gift shop that previously existed in that location.                                                                                              

 Action:        Barbara Gaulien moved to recommend approval of the Seahorse Project Conceptual Plan.

Seconded by Roberto Gonzalez.

  Vote:           Motion carried by unanimous vote.


4.          Palmetto transit stop structure.

Jon Moore presented a conceptual plan for transit stop structures at various locations in Palmetto along the public transit bus routes. An emphasis was placed on turnouts for buses so that they will not block traffic when loading and unloading passengers.                                                                                         

 Action:        Barbara Gaulien moved to recommend approval of the conceptual plan for the  transit stop structure.

  Vote:           Motion carried by unanimous vote.



5.          CRA Plan Update                                                                                                                 

Mr. Burton provided an update on changes being considered for revisions to the current CRA plan in preparation for the approval process of a new five year plan. He gave examples of items added to the plan at the request of advisory board members and asked that they continue to review the draft and recommend additions and other changes.  Mr. Burton also stated that the plan would ultimately need to be adopted by the City Commission, after recommendations are made by the advisory board and the CRA Board.  Mr. Sellars asked about having more lights and cameras in the City of Palmetto. Mr. Burton replied that every CRA project includes installation of lights and cameras and the storefront grant incentives include security lights and cameras.


6.          CRA Attorney Comments

No Comment

7.          CRA Director Comments

Mr. Burton provided information on the Manatee Economic Development Council luncheon at Regatta Point and stated that the CRA will be contacting board members about passes for the 4th of July concert.  He also reminded members that they are invited to attend the Florida Redevelopment Association Annual Conference in Tampa. More information will be provided.

8.         CRA Advisory Board Comments

Mrs. Gaulien stated that Haben Blvd. has received water with the new sprinklers and Mr. Moore added that the sod will be place shortly and palm trees will be planted in the median area.

Mr. Gonzalez – No comments.

Mr. Sellers asked what the current consensus is on roundabouts.  Mr. Burton replied that a study was done three years ago and that roundabouts are considered to be safer.

9.         Citizens Comments

No Comment

10.         Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:45 p.m.