Planning and Zoning Board Meeting

August 20, 2020 at 5:45 PM

This meeting will be conducted utilizing communications media technology


516 8th AVENUE WEST                                                                                 (941) 723-4570

PALMETTO, FL 34221                                                             










To access the Planning and Zoning Board meeting you have the following options:


Call in using a telephone

You may access the meeting from your phone by dialing 1 646 876 9923. When the meeting ID is requested, enter 992 3237 2593. When asked for the participant ID, press the # key.


Access via Zoom Application

Download the “ZOOM Client Meetings” to your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet by visiting Zoon Download.

Once downloaded, please click this link:


Public Comment Instructions

Please read below under the public comment section of the Agenda.

To raise hand to speak, press the *9 key.

*To mute and unmute yourself, press the *6 key.


Anyone wishing to speak before the Planning and Zoning Board must sign in prior to the meeting, stating name, address and topic to address.  Speakers making public comment will be sworn in.  All comments will be limited to two minutes.


Call to order, followed by a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.


Opening comments by Chairman


Roll call

Swearing-in of all persons intending to address the Planning and Zoning Board.





Action Request:        Motion to approve or approve with modifications the August 20, 2020 Agenda.



2.   APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES                                                                (TAB 1)           


Action Request:        Motion to approve or approve with modifications the July 16, 2020 Minutes.





Public Comment:  Comments shall be limited to two minutes.  The Board does not generally take action on any matter raised during these public comments, but may direct the matter to be placed on the agenda of a future meeting, if appropriate.

a.    Public comment via telephone into Zoom Meeting

If you would like to speak during the public comment portions of the Agenda, please press *9 on your phone to activate the “raise your hand” feature on Zoom.

b.    Public comment using Zoom Application on laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet

Click the “raise your hand” feature on the participants section at the bottom of the screen.

c.     Public comment in the Commission Chambers

Seating will be in accordance with the CDC guidelines and social distancing requirements.


4. CU 2018-02 CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT (K. OWENS)                                    

To consider a Conditional Use Permit Application (CU-2018-02) by the applicant, Church on the Rock, to allow an electronic message sign at 1401 14th Avenue West, Palmetto, Florida. A conditional use approval is required for electronic message signs.


Staff is recommending this item be continued to September 17, 2020.


Action Request:        I move to continue Conditional Use Permit (CU 2018-02) to the September 17, 2020 Planning and Zoning Board meeting at 5:45PM, in the City Commission Chambers.



5. CU 2020-05 CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT (K.HILL)                                (TAB 2)                       

To consider a Conditional Use Permit Application (CU-2020-05) by the applicant, Old Salt Marine, Inc., to allow new boat sales at 405 8th Avenue West, Palmetto, Florida. A conditional use is required for new boat sales in the CC, Commercial Core zoning district.



Action Request:        I move to recommend approval of Conditional Use Permit                     (CU 2018-02) with staff’s recommended conditions, to the City Commission.



6. OLD BUSINESS                                                                                                   


7.   NEW BUSINESS                                                                                                










If any person desires to appeal any decision of the Planning and Zoning Board, or of any other Board of the City, that person will need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based (Fla. Stat. §286.0105).


The City of Palmetto does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, marital status or handicapped status in employment or in the provision of services.  Handicapped individuals may receive special accommodation in services on forty-eight hours’ notice (Fla. Stat. §286.26).  Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation for this meeting as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the City Clerk by telephone at 941-723-4570, fax 941-723-4576 or e-mail or



Agenda Posted:        August 14, 2020





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