April 28, 2015

6:00 p.m.


Board Members Present

Charlie Leonard, Chair

Robert Rotondo, Vice Chair

Shelley Hamilton

Rose Quin-Bare

Sharon Tarman

Robert Westbrook


Staff Present:

Debra Woithe, Code Enforcement Supervisor

Joe Fenton, Code Enforcement Officer

Kathy Riley, Code Enforcement Officer

Deanna Roberts, Clerk of the Board


  Mr. Leonard called the April 28, 2015 meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. A moment of silence was observed, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  The roll was called.  All members were present for the meeting. All persons wishing to address the Board were duly sworn.


  Mr. Leonard asked to amend the agenda to move the Oath of Office for new members forward.


MOTION:        Mrs. Quin-Bare moved, Mr. Westbrook seconded, and the motion carried unanimously to move the Oath of Office for new members forward on the agenda.        


The Clerk of the Board Deanna Roberts administered the Oath of Office to new members Sharon Tarman and Shelley Hamilton.


1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                                                     


MOTION:        Mrs. Quin Bare moved, Mr. Rotondo seconded, and the motion carried unanimously to approve the April 28, 2015 Agenda.



Mr. Leonard called for nominations of officers.


Mrs. Quin-Bare nominated Charlie Leonard for Chair of the Board.  The nomination was seconded by Robert Westbrook.   


Mrs. Quin-Bare nominated Robert Rotondo for Vice Chair.  The nomination was seconded by Robert Westbrook.


Mr. Leonard closed the nominations and called for a vote.


Mr. Leonard was unanimously approved as the Chair of the Board and Mr. Rotondo was unanimously approved as Vice Chair of the Board.

  3.  CONSENT AGENDA                                                                        

A.  Minutes:  December 16, 2014

B.  Legal expenses through December 2014


MOTION:        Mr. Rotondo moved, Mrs. Tarman seconded, and the motion carried unanimously to approve the April 28, 2015 Consent Agenda.


 4. INTRODUCTION OF NEW CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS (Debra Woithe, Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement Supervisor)


Mrs. Woithe introduced the two new officers who have joined the City since the last meeting. 


Kathy Riley is the newest officer and comes from Virginia.  She retired from the postal service after thirty-four years and went back to work after one year for the town of Gate City, Virginia. There she was the town clerk and also did property maintenance enforcement for the town, which helped her get the experience for this position. She commented she is happy to be back in Florida.  


Joe Fenton was with Manatee County Code Enforcement for over twenty years. Prior to that he worked for Sarasota County, and he also served in the Air Force. Mrs. Woithe opined he is a great asset to the City. Mr. Fenton informed the Board that he has twenty-four years’ experience in Code Enforcement; has been a member of the Florida Association of Code Enforcement since 1993; co-authored the last level F.A.C.E. officer safety training; he is state certified in the decibel meter; has four levels of certification with emergency management and served as the logistics officer with the EOC.    


Mrs. Woithe commented that the Board can expect more cases coming forward.          





  7. NEW BUSINESS (Debra Woithe, Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement Supervisor)

Mrs. Woithe informed the Board that Public Works is kicking off a beautification project with a curb-appeal contest for both residential and commercial properties. Rewards, donated by local businesses, will be offered.


She commented the City has a problem with temporary signs. They should be permitted. There is no fee, but they must be permitted.  A form will be made available online to get a permit and requirements will be posted. Informational brochures will be sent out to give everyone a chance to comply voluntarily.


Mrs. Woithe commented on the December minutes which stated that the police department will issue citations for noise ordinance violations when Code Enforcement is off duty and that Finance has asked Code Enforcement to be the keeper of the citation records. She will be seeking clarification with the police department during an upcoming scheduled meeting.   


Board member Shelly Hamilton asked if code enforcement is proactive or reactive. Mr. Fenton said both. He takes calls and responds, but in driving around the city he addresses any violations that he sees. 


Mrs. Quin-Bare commented that during a drive around with the Mayor, open storage in carports seemed to be a problem, as well as unkempt lawns. She reminded Code Enforcement that she is with Waste Management, and she can coordinate a cleanup with the City. Mrs. Woithe said the City participated in the Great American Cleanup recently.  She informed the Board that code enforcement is out on weekends and checks for work being done without permits.






Mr. Leonard adjourned the meeting at 7:22 p.m.


Minutes approved: August 25, 2015


Charles W. Leonard


Charles W. Leonard, Chair