City Hall, 516 8th Avenue West, Palmetto, FL  34221


Special Magistrate:  Regina Kardash, Esq.

May 25, 2021

6:00 p.m.


   Special Magistrate Regina Kardash called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m., followed by a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ms. Kardash explained that the hearing was a quasi-judicial proceeding in which she would be making the legal decisions and findings of fact based on relevant evidence presented during the hearing in accordance to the City Code of Ordinances. All people wishing to speak during the Hearing were duly sworn.


1. ADDITIONS OR DELETIONS TO AGENDA                                                                                

No changes were made to the agenda.


  2. APPROVE MINUTES                                                            

Magistrate Kardash approved the January 26, 2021 CEH Minutes as written.




A. Compliance Cases

Magistrate Kardash followed the Agenda as posted.


  B. Case No. 21-02                                                                                                                

James E. Bonelli

1224  24th Avenue West

Palmetto, FL  34221


Violation Location:      1224  24th Avenue West, Palmetto, FL  34221

Codes Violated:          Chapter 7, Article II, Section 7-151- Definitions; section 7-153 – Unfit or unsafe dwelling or structure, declared nuisance

                 Code Enforcement Officer Shawn Williams reviewed details and photos pertaining to the case.  Evidence was presented to the Magistrate for her consideration and made a part of these minutes.  On October 22, 2020, the property was cited for sanitary nuisance.  Water had been turned off due to lack of payment.  The Respondent made a payment arrangement with the City, but the arrangement was broken.  On January 27, 2021, the property was cited again for sanitary nuisance.  Residents of this property made a payment to turn the water on, but this was the second time they paid by check with insufficient funds.  March 29, 2021, it was confirmed that people still were living in the residence while the water was shut off.


Magistrate Kardash found that the Notice was properly posted, the property ownership had been verified with the Manatee County Property Appraisers office, and she accepted the City file as evidence.


     STATEMENT:       Magistrate Kardash found the property in violation of the City Code of Ordinances, specifically Chapter 7, Section 7-153 by occupying and maintaining an unsanitary and unsafe dwelling, and the Respondent was given until June 24, 2021, 30 days from the day of the Hearing, to vacate the premises or to turn the water back on. 


 C. Case No. 21-03                                                                                                                   

Jesse Salas

1408  8th Avenue West

Palmetto, FL  34221


Violation Location:      1408  8th Avenue West, Palmetto, FL  34221

Codes Violated:          Chapter 7, Article VIII- Fences, Section 7-182 –Permit required


       Code Enforcement Officer Shawn Williams stated the initial site visit April 16, 2021 revealed a fence had been erected without a permit.  Mr. Williams spoke with a gentleman at the property.  After making a phone call to the owner, the gentleman relayed the message to Mr. Williams they would be coming into compliance. Jesse Salas is listed as the property owner in the Manatee County Property Appraisers’ website.  Re-inspections of the property on May 3rd, May 15th, and May 25th showed the fence was still up and no permit has been filed.  Magistrate Kardash accepted the City file as evidence.


  Chad Ritchie, with Sarasota Security Patrol became the new owner of the property at 1408 8th Avenue West within the past two weeks.  He had tree work done at this location and the tree service damaged the pre-existing fence. Mr. Richie replaced a couple sections of the fence and added barbed wire to the top.  He stated that he recently learned barbed wire is not allowed, so Mr. Ritchie called the contractor to remove the barbed wire, but they will not return his calls. Mr. Ritchie has contacted three fence companies to finish fence repairs, and as soon as FPL has finished with the local work, including surveys and tree removal, Mr. Richie stated he would get an after-the-fact permit for the work he did and the contractor would get a permit to repair the fence.  He felt the process should be complete within the next 30 days.  On the record, it was determined the property is titled in the name of Sarasota Security Patrol, Inc. and Chad Ritchie is the owner of Sarasota Security Patrol.


   STATEMENT:   Magistrate Kardash continued the hearing to June 29, 2021 because Mr. Ritchie seem to be working toward compliance. She reiterated that he would need to get an after-the-fact permit and contractor will get the necessary permit for new fence repairs.



There were no code cases brought before the Magistrate in February, March or April of 2021.



The next Code Enforcement Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 29, 2021.


Magistrate Kardash adjourned the meeting at 6:18 p.m.


Minutes approved:



Regina A. Kardash, Magistrate




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