June 6, 2016



CRA Board Members Present:

Shirley Groover Bryant, Presiding Officer

Harold Smith, Chair

Tamara Cornwell, Vice Chair

Jonathan Davis

Brian Williams

Tambra Varnadore


Staff Present:

Mark Barnebey, City Attorney

Jeff Burton, CRA Director

Jim Freeman, City Clerk

Allen Tusing, Public Works Director

Scott Tyler, Chief of Police

Deanna Roberts, Administrative Assistant



  Mayor Bryant opened the CRA Board meeting at 7:43 p.m.





MOTION:         Commissioner Davis moved, Commissioner Williams seconded, and the motion carried unanimously to approve the June 6, 2016 CRA Board Agenda.






            A. Blalock Walters Legal Bills                                                                                                     B. Special Function Permit for Rotary and July 4th                                                                       C. Revision to the VFW Building Lease                                                                          


Commissioner Varnadore asked to pull items B. and C. for discussion.


 MOTION:  Commissioner Varnadore moved, Commissioner Williams seconded, and the motion carried unanimously to approve the legal bills [item 3.A.].


  Discussion:  Item 3.B. Special Function Permit for Rotary.  Commissioner Varnadore asked why this was on the CRA Board agenda.  Mr. Burton explained the City had asked the CRA to check with the CRA Advisory Board to see if they had an issue with the Rotary selling beer at the 4th of July. They did not have an issue, and that is why it is on the agenda. She asked if any action was necessary.  Mr. Burton said the CRA has nothing to do with Special Function Permits.


  Discussion: Item 3.C. Revision to the VFW Building Lease.  Commissioner Varnadore asks that in the future, any changes be highlighted or redlined to compare the revision to the original, so that she could tell what was being changed.


 Commissioner Williams referred to 1) Premises Improvements in the agreement and asked Mr. Barnebey if they (VFW) could make improvements to the grounds.  Mr. Barnebey said not without the City’s approval; the Mayor or her designee.

Mr. Williams asked why there was no provision for a renewal of the lease.  Mr. Barnebey said this was intended to be a ten-year agreement, but they always have the right to ask for a renewal. 


  MOTION: Commissioner Cornwell moved, Commissioner Davis seconded, and the motion carried unanimously to approve items 3.B. and C.  



The dirt parking lot located across from the boat ramp over the past few years has been requested for private use.  Staff is asking for direction from the Board of the continued private use of that parking lot.


Mr. Burton explained that the CRA owns the property and would like to give the City permission to manage that property for Special Function Permits until the property is redeveloped. Mr. Barnebey said there should be an agreement. Mayor Bryant asked if the CRA was going to set the fees. Mr. Burton said the City could establish the fees.


Mr. Williams asked about the ITN (Invitation to Negotiate) on the property. Mr. Burton said they are currently finalizing the cleanup of the property so the ITN could go out. 


 MOTION:  Commissioner Williams moved, Commissioner Davis seconded, and the motion carried unanimously to authorize the City to act as administrator for Special Function Permits for CRA property and to charge fees consistent with the fees for the City’s Special Function Permits.     



Mr. Burton advised the Board that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a $200,000 Assessment and Cleanup grant to the Palmetto CRA. It will be used for the Edenfield property.


The CRA will provide a map for July 4th showing the location of all vendors.


The USF project agreement will be coming to the Board on July 18. The Advisory Board has already recommended in favor of it. If anyone wants to go over it, he will meet with you in the CRA Office.



Mayor Bryant commented that she attended Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) training on Complete Streets, and one of the main professors involved in the USF project for the City was the instructor. He does a lot of the training for the FDOT. This will be a perfect fit for what is going on on 10th Avenue and the plans in the works over the next four years.



Commissioner Williams asked Mr. Burton for handouts or information on the USF project so that they can understand the program better. Mr. Burton will provide a number of items Commission can look at.  He said there were about fifteen – twenty Ph.Ds in the meeting at USF looking at ways to connect with this program. The graduate students involved will begin in the fall and the program will continue into the spring. One of the main components will focus on community engagement; asking the citizens what they would like to see in the City.


Mr. Burton said he is planning a press conference to kick off the program.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.


Minutes approved:





James R. Freeman, City Clerk