July 22, 2019

7:00 PM

CRA Board Members Present:

Shirley Groover Bryant, Presiding Officer

Tambra Varnadore, Chair

Jonathan Davis, Vice Chair

Tamara Cornwell

Harold Smith

Brian Williams


Staff Present:

Mark Barnebey, City Attorney

Jeff Burton, CRA Director

Jim Freeman, City Clerk

Allen Tusing, Public Works Director

Scott Tyler, Chief of Police

Amber LaRowe, Assistant City Clerk



Mayor Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:29 p.m.




Motion:           Mr. Davis moved, Mrs. Cornwell seconded, and the motion carried 5-0 to approve the July 22, 2019 CRA Board Agenda.




No comments.




A.    June 3, 2019 Minutes

B.     Surplus of Property at 1009 8th Street West

C.     Blalock Walters Legal Invoices


Mrs. Varnadore removed item 3B for discussion.


Motion:           Mrs. Varnadore moved, Mr. Davis seconded, and the motion carried 5-0 to approve items A and C of the July 22, 2019 CRA Board Consent Agenda as recommended by staff.


3.B. Surplus of Property at 1009 8th Street West Discussion:

Mr. Burton explained that the request for the surplus of this property is due to the fact that the CRA is not planning to redevelop this site. He has had a few people approach him and question if they could purchase the site. Due to those requests, Mr. Burton is asking for direction from the CRA Board on this property.


Mrs. Varnadore stated that she is not in favor of disposing of the property at this time. She explained that she would rather see this property held on to for the time being especially since there are plans in the very near future to redevelop 10th Avenue West and place the Police Department on the property along 9th Street and 10th Avenue West. Mrs. Varnadore opined that the CRA could purchase the adjacent property from the City and redevelop the parcel or market it as a whole or the City could purchase this property from the CRA and develop or market the property for redevelopment.


Mr. Williams echoed Mrs. Varnadore’s statements and is of the impression this property may be valuable in the coming future and does not want to regret doing something too quickly.


Discussion ensued on what could be done with the property.


Motion:           Mr. Williams moved, Mr. Davis seconded the motion to not surplus the property.


Discussion continued and Mr. Davis withdrew his second.


The motion failed for lack of second.


Mr. Burton will review different plans to work with the City on the adjacent parcel.





Mr. Burton has an update on the Lincoln Park Pool that he will discuss when the City Commission meeting reconvenes.


He is preparing a workshop on the development of 10th Avenue West.


Mr. Burton stated that he is waiting on the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Grant for the development of Connor Park.


He is currently working on the Riverside Property contract; this parcel will go out for the advertisement soon and the conceptual will be presented to the Board.


Mrs. Varnadore exited the meeting at 7:48 p.m.


Mr. Burton gave a presentation to the Board on the pocket neighborhood concept for the Taylor Properties. The properties are just north of Jet Mobile Home Park that Mr. Burton is proposing to do a prototype of the pocket neighborhoods. He displayed different pictures of other pocket neighborhoods from around the Country. A copy of the presentation is attached to the minutes. He explained that the concept is to develop 50 percent of the houses at market rate value, 30 percent at moderate rate value, and 20 percent at attainable value.


Zoning was discussed and Mr. Williams would like some discussion with Mrs. Owens, Development Services Director, regarding the development of these homes in that zoning area.


Mrs. Varnadore returned at 8:19 p.m.









Mayor Bryant adjourned the meeting at 8:20 p.m.



Minutes approved: August 5, 2019


James R. Freeman


James R. Freeman

City Clerk




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