MAY 23, 2022
7:00 P.M.
This CRA Board Meeting was conducted utilizing Communications Media Technology. Some Staff members were present in the Commission Chambers while others were present via the Zoom application to respect the social distancing guidelines.



Shirley Groover Bryant, Presiding Officer

Sheldon Jones, Chair

Brian Williams, Vice Chair

Tamara Cornwell

Harold Smith

Tambra Varnadore



Mark Barnebey, City Attorney

Xavier Colon, Interim CRA Director

Jim Freeman, City Clerk

Mohammed Rayan, Public Works Director

Scott Tyler, Chief of Police

Cassi Bailey, Assistant City Clerk

Penny Johnston, Executive Assistant



Todd Williams, Information Technology (IT) Consultant


1.       Mayor Bryant called the meeting to order at 7:42 P.M.







MOTION:                   Mr. Williams moved, Ms. Cornwell seconded, and the Motion carried 5-

0 to approve the May 23, 2022, Special CRA Board Agenda.




   Betty Sailes Rhodes spoke on the truck weigh station. She wants the CRA to help clean up this area.


Mr. Smith asked Mr. Rayan to ride through that area and have Code Enforcement look at the buildings that are out of code. He is concerned for the safety of the residents.


Mr. Jones also mentioned the excessive trash.


Mayor Bryant questioned who the owners are. She shared the same sentiments of needing to clean up that area.


Mr. Rayan said he will investigate the problem.


Special CRA Board Meeting

May 23, 2022

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Mr. Smith also mentioned the need to look at the parking issues.


Mr. Williams spoke on the subject. He suggested doing a community clean up as they have done in the past.




a. Minutes: 05/02/2022



MOTION:                   Ms. Cornwell moved, Mr. Williams seconded, and the motion carried 5-

0 to approve the Consent Agenda as presented by staff.





Mr. Jones gave his opinion on the proposed agreement. He does not agree with getting into a contract with Zach Schwartz after he quit. Mayor Bryant responded. Discussions continued between the Board members and the Mayor.


Mr. Colon clarified the consulting fees that were mentioned by Mr. Jones.  He explained the importance of this contract, and the need to keep Mr. Schwartz on consult until they can hire a permanent replacement. Mr. Colon went over several of the projects that are imperative to have Zach continue to work on.


Attorney Barnebey spoke on the subject and clarified a few points of the contract. He highlighted the 30-day termination period between either party.


  Mr. Smith asked if Mr. Colon is looking for a new GIS Analyst. Mr. Colon responded that he is, and it will be posted once he is able to re-do the job description. Mr. Smith questioned if Zach Schwartz will still be on contract once the CRA hires a new GIS Analyst. Mr. Colon explained that Zach will need to train the new hire. Mr. Smith expressed his opinion of not wanting to get into a contract with someone who quit. Mr. Colon re-iterated the need for Mr. Schwartz to stay on contract and train the new employee once they are hired.


  Mr. Williams emphasized the vital role Zach had in building our system. He agrees that we need to use him for the time being and have him train the potential new hire. Mr. Williams stated that he did research on the amount of advertised jobs relating to a GIS Analyst, and there is a great need for people with this skill set.  Mr. Williams reminded the Board of the importance in working together.



MOTION:                   Ms. Cornwell moved, Ms. Varnadore seconded, and the motion carried

3-2 to allow staff to sign and execute the consulting agreement

between the Palmetto CRA and DMI Sciences. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones voted nay.






Special CRA Board Meeting

May 23, 2022

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                  MOTION:                   Ms. Cornwell moved, Mr. Jones seconded, and the motion carried 5-0 to

allow staff to fill out necessary paperwork to accept the FDEP Resilient Florida Grant (22PLN85).





Mr. Colon thanked the Board for passing out information to the CRA community. He mentioned that they already had someone leave a voicemail expressing interest in one of their programs.




Ms. Cornwell asked Mr. Colon to reach out to the business owner who spoke at the City Commission meeting earlier in the night and explain some of the advantages of being a CRA Business owner.


Mr. Jones discussed his trip to Virginia. He spoke on items he learned at the convention he attended.


Chief Tyler left the Chambers at 8:29 P.M. He returned at 8:31 P.M.


  Mayor Bryant spoke about the Lincoln Park pool. She reiterated that the Commission made the decisions on the pool. Ms. Varnadore clarified that they did not get everything that they wanted, but they did get most.


Mr. Smith emphasized that they voted for a competition pool. He also questioned the need for residents to sign up to use the pool. Mayor Bryant clarified that it is only for opening weekend.


Betty Sailes Rhodes spoke on the subject again.


Mr. Williams discussed the pool. He stated that they were told that there was rock, and they could not dig it deep enough for a diving board. Mr. Williams asked Mr. Colon to budget for the projects that are available to the CRA community.


  Mr. Smith questioned the area the City owns at Lincoln Park. Attorney Barnebey explained the acreage of Lincoln Park and which areas the City and the County owns. He emphasized that the City conveyed approximately 5 acres to the County, the pool site and the parking lot. Mr. Smith disagreed that the City agreed to that. Attorney Barnebey stated that he will produce the contract that was approved by the Commission laying out the details of the property.


Mr. Jones questioned who owns the sign. Attorney Barnebey stated that it is on the County’s property. Mayor Bryant expressed her understanding was that the County was going to hold off on re-naming Lincoln Park until there was further discussion with the City. There was continued discussion about the parking lot, and the input of the sign. Mayor Bryant reiterated that the sign will be coming back to the Commissioners for consideration.


Ms. Varnadore shared the same sentiments that the City did not agree to give up the parking lot. She asked for clarification on the contract with the County for the pool. Attorney Barnebey reiterated that he will provide a copy of the contract to all the Commissioners.

Special CRA Board Meeting

May 23,2022

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Mr. Freeman read from the point paper that was attached to the Agenda on October 5th, 2020.


There was disagreement between the Board and the Attorney as to what the agreement states. Ms. Varnadore re-iterated that the intent was not to give the parking lot to the County. Mr. Smith agreed that the intent was never to give up the parking lot. Mr. Williams referenced the minutes from the October 5th, 2020 meeting.


Ms. Cornwell suggested that Attorney Barnebey and Mr. Freeman look at the minutes and the contract and bring it back to them.


Mayor Bryant adjourned the meeting at 9:07 P.M.



Minutes approved: june 6, 2022





James R. Freeman

City Clerk  






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