April 20, 2015

4:30 PM


Elected Officials Present:

Shirley Groover Bryant, Mayor—(Entered meeting at 4:37 p.m.)

Brian Williams, Vice Mayor, Commissioner, Ward 3

Tamara Cornwell, Commissioner-At-Large 2—(Entered the meeting at 4:38 p.m.)

Jonathan Davis, Commissioner-At-Large 1

Harold Smith, Commissioner, Ward 1

Tambra Varnadore, Commissioner, Ward 2—(Entered meeting at 4:40 p.m.)


Staff Present:

Mark Barnebey, City Attorney

Jim Freeman, City Clerk

Allen Tusing, Public Works Director

Scott Tyler, Chief of Police

Amber Foley, Assistant City Clerk


Vice Mayor Williams called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.



Mr. Freeman gave a presentation on the FY2013/2014 CAFR.  The presentation highlighted the major initiatives for the year, the major initiatives for the future, and financial data.  All proprietary funds reported positive operating income and positive change in net assets for all funds with the exception of Solid Waste.  A copy of this presentation is attached to and made a part of these minutes.


Commissioner Cornwell exited the meeting at 4:39 p.m. and returned at 4:41 p.m.


Wade Sansbury, Mauldin & Jenkins, discussed the Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) report.  He informed Commission that the City received an unmodified opinion, which is the highest opinion that can be received.  All the financial statements are materially represented.  Mr. Sansbury complimented the City on putting the extra effort into completing the CAFR which is above and beyond what is required.  Mayor Bryant and Commission recognized the Finance Department for their dedicated service to the City.



Ms. Foley explained the changes made to Chapter 24, Liquidation and Garage Sales.



·         Section 24-26 Exceptions: Same.

·         Section 24-27. Items offered for sale, restricted, records: Removed this section entirely and reserved it.

·         Sections 24-28 through 24-45. Reserved: Same; however, added 24-27 into Reserved status.

·         Section 24-46. Required: Re-wrote the entire section which now includes a reference to Florida Statute Chapter 559 Part III that regulates Fire and Going out of Business Sales (attached in your agenda packet). 

·         Section 24-47.Inventory affidavit removed and reserved

·         Section 24-48. Classification of applicants has been removed and reserved

·         Section 24-49.  Duration restricted has been removed and reserved

·         Section 24-50. Fees has been removed and reserved

·         Sections 24-51 through 24-65 reserved, kept same but added section 24-47 through 50 to reserved status too.



·         Section 24-66. Definitions.  Redefined garage sale and added a definition for personal property

·         Section 24-67. Permit-Required is now new Section 24-70.  New Section 24-67 is Exemptions and is a new section altogether.

·         Section 24-68. Same-Public display required is now Section 24-73 and a new Section 24-68 was created titled Separate Violations.

·         Section 24-69. Location was deleted and replaced with a new Section 24-69 titled Property permitted to be sold.

·         Section 24-70. Time limitations is now a new Section 24-71.  Section 24-70 is now Permit-Required; changes made include:

o    Identifying that a Permit is to be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office

o    Outlining what information shall be provided to the City to obtain a Permit which now includes the time of the garage sale as well as the date.

·         Section 24-71. Advertising is now Section 24-75.  Section 24-71 is now Time Limitations; and the only change was that garage sales are prohibited Monday through Thursday

·         Section 24-72. Conduct of sale was retitled as General conduct; decorum and order and is now Section 24-76.  Section 24-72 is now a new Section titled Revocation or denial of permit.

·         Section 24-73. Sales by charitable or religious organizations, has been incorporated into Section 24-67 Exemptions. 

·         Section 24-73 is now Permit display required (old 24-68) and now states that the Permit shall be made available, not posted as previously stated.

·         Section 24-74 is new and is Postponement of sale because of inclement weather.

·         Section 24-75 is advertising (old 24-71) and now outlines the types of signs allowed, how many, where they can be placed, where they are not allowed, and when they are to be picked up.  Also, it states that directional signs are not allowed if your garage sale is located on an arterial roadway (as defined in the City’s Comprehensive Plan); I have attached how the Comp Plan defines that type of roadway.

·         Section 24-76 is General conduct; decorum and order (old 24-72) and has been re-written altogether.

·         Section 24-77 Parking is a completely new section.


Commissioner Varnadore appreciated the permit number being incorporated onto the signs for easy identification.  She requested the City implement a system to allow Code Enforcement and Law Enforcement access to see the list of valid permits and numbers that have been issued.  Discussion continued regarding the four inch permit number to be placed on the sign.  Commissioner Williams opined the size of the number is too large.  Staff was asked to bring back a four square foot sign (as indicated in the proposed ordinance) with different sized numbers on them to provide a visualization.


Discussion ensued regarding the prohibition of garage sales Monday through Thursday.  The consensus of Commission was to allow Mondays when they are a holiday, otherwise Mondays are exempt. 


Commissioner Cornwell and Williams questioned if estate sales fall in this category.  Attorney Barnebey will perform research and bring information back to them.


Commissioner Williams questioned section 24-72 revocation of permit and the notification process as written.  Attorney Barnebey will modify the language to clarify that the notice will be provided in writing.


Discussion ensued regarding Section 24-70 e) affirmative statement.  Commissioner Williams questioned the affirmative statement that says the property is owned by the applicant.  What if they were given the property by a friend to sell?  Attorney Barnebey will modify the language to indicate that the affirmative statement will be given that states they are the owner of the property or have been given the authority to sell the property.


Commissioner Williams questioned the revoking of a permit if a person fails to get a permit but did not know they were supposed to get one.  Commission would like to see language incorporated in the Ordinance that states if a person fails to get a permit for their garage sale and they did not know they were supposed to have one, that the City issues a written warning, asks them to shut down their garage sale, and educates them on the process for garage sales in the City.


Mayor Bryant adjourned the meeting at 6:02 p.m.



Minutes approved:  May 4, 2015


James R. Freeman


James R. Freeman

City Clerk