July 24, 2019

5:30 PM


Elected Officials Present:

Shirley Groover Bryant, Mayor

Tamara Cornwell, Vice Mayor, Commissioner-at-Large 2

Jonathan Davis, Commissioner-at-Large 1

Harold Smith, Commissioner, Ward 1

Tambra Varnadore, Commissioner, Ward 2

Brian Williams, Commissioner Ward 3


Staff Present:

Mark Barnebey, City Attorney

Jim Freeman, City Clerk

Scott Tyler, Chief of Police

Amber LaRowe, Assistant City Clerk


Mayor Bryant called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.




Fred Rambo, Architects Design Group (ADG) made a presentation to the Commission regarding the new Police Department (PD) Building. A copy of the presentation is attached to the minutes. He reviewed the site where the new Police Department is to be built. The work session included the review of the space needs, review of the existing Police Department and the vision for the Department, establishment of a best use location on the City site, resiliency, probable cost, and architecture.


The best use location on the City site was heavily focused on with the plan to maximize the remaining available property for future use. Mr. Rambo indicated that ADG was asked to preserve the frontage along 10th Avenue West and preserve the frontage and parcel along 7th Street West as much as possible. Four possible “studies” were presented with study four being the most favored. Study four has the plan of the PD to be positioned so that it is more along the northeast corner with the public parking along 9th Street West. This specific position allows for the bulk of the property along 7th Street to be preserved but also allows for the opportunity for a future City administration building to be placed next to the Police Department so that all City buildings could be on one property.


Mr. Rambo discussed the estimated costs for the building. He stated that the estimate for hard costs is approximately $7M with the soft costs (interior furnishings) to be approximately $1.2M. The total estimated project cost is to be about $8M.


Different architecture designs were presented to allow the Commission to think about what the exterior of the building could look like.


Commissioner Cornwell expressed her opinions on the design of the building and into the layout of the interior.


Commissioner Smith expressed his concerns with the site noting that he is concerned more with the ingress and egress and ensuring that the officers can easily get in and out at different points on the site. He encouraged staff and Mr. Rambo to discuss the project that will be occurring on 10th Avenue in the coming year. Mr. Smith continued expressing opinions on the size of the building, requesting information on a two-story building. Mr. Rambo stated that staff and he reviewed the possibility of a two story PD and at this time do not believe it would be as efficient as necessary. This is due to the fact that different departments within the PD cannot be separated and have to be secure. Staff can review this possibility again at the Commission’s request.


Chief Tyler indicated that he is in favor of study four and has reviewed the ingress and egress throughout the process.


Commissioner Varnadore would prefer that improvements be made to 9th Street as the Police Department is developed on this site.


The next steps were discussed and it was asked that a consensus be given regarding which study that the Commission would prefer. The consensus was on study four and Commissioner Williams and Commissioner Smith would like to have a meeting with the Chief and the staff at ADG.


Mayor Bryant adjourned the meeting at 6:57 p.m.


Minutes approved: August 5, 2019


James R. Freeman


James R. Freeman

City Clerk




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